Ritz Sisters is a leading Manufacturers’ Representative Group in the Northwest that was established in 1993. We focus on selling contemporary lifestyle products to retailers in the Northwest. Our permanent showroom is located at the Seattle Mart. 

The product lines we represent complement one another and we add new lines based on the latest local and international retail trends. We have succeeded by building strong, long-term relationships with our manufacturers and retailers. We believe in good communication and the most efficient technologies to keep our showroom staff and road team working smoothly and effectively.

Our product mix offers items you use on a regular basis that are well priced and ones that we believe in. Our retail customer base is as wide and varied as our territory. We visit museums, gift shops, home decor, stationery, garden, kitchen, hospitals, colleges, women’s and men’s apparel, department stores, catalog companies, online stores, coffee shops and many more. Our showroom uses industry software to better process and track orders accurately and quickly.

We are always on the look out for great people to add to our team, products to our showroom and stores to add in our territory.

We look forward to working with you and thanks for visiting.

The Ritz Sisters Team

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